Seeing is believing.!

The Unloaded flagship series will give viewers a peek behind the curtain of success through the eyes of emerging talent. Entrepreneurs, artists and inventors unload their stories and reveal what they are working on now. We also talk to the people next to the famous names to tell us what they do and how they got to the pinnacle of sports, politics, business, art or innovation.

DarkB4Dawn is the series about failure. Successful people talk about their mistakes, screw-ups and heartbreaks. No spin. No gloss. Then they tell us how they bounced back or switched tracks to get on the path to their current success.

Brought to you by the founders of our series are shot and edited with commonly available equipment and software.

Unloaded.TV will light the path for anyone ready to get their ideas out of their heads and into the world.

Lead Interviewer

Jamal Simmons works at the nexus of politics, media and technology. He helped elect Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to the presidency and has advised the White House, members of Congress and corporate, foundation and faith leaders. Jamal was the lead interviewer for The Root 100 miniseries (2013) on Magic Johnson’s ASPiRE TV network; a political analyst for CBS News in 2010; and a fixture on CNN during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Jamal is an honorary board member of the Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College and a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard University.